Thursday, August 21, 2008

the hunter and the bear

a close friend accursed me of being a jerk ass to her and that inspired me to tell her this joke that i read a long time ago

once upon a time
there is this hunter who went to the Forest to hunt
then a bear surprise him out of no where
the bear ripped his clothes off
pin the hunter down to the floor
and rape him
then left him and when on its way
the hunter was rescued back to the town
nursed back to health

the hunter swear that he will have his revenge
he brought more weapons n trap
to kill the bear that rapped him
he went back to the Forest
and manged to find the bear
ambush it
n kill it
he was so happy
that he didn't realize there another bear behind him
this new bear pin him down
rape him and left him half dead

some towns ppl was passing by
saw him and rescue him
this time
it took him months to recover
once he is well
he swear he must revenge himself
and he brought even more weapons n traps

he set up in the Forest and waited for the bear that rape him
as he waited n waited
a bear appear behind him
and whisper to him
admit it ... you are not really out here to hunt

: ) get it ??? don't be shy if you didn't

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