Friday, August 29, 2008

Hong Kong Cafe Pte Ltd @ Thomson Road

one of the most frequently recommended Hong Kong Cafe by my relative and frens... after being let down by a couple of other HK cafe I been to in Singapore, I am kind of intrigued by this outlet that I am hearing only good stuff of ... after visiting my grandma at TTSH, my family and I decided to drop by to try (since Andrew likes HK Cafe food too ... thanks to his grace)

I thought the parking would be a headache as there isn't really any visible parking and what I remembered about the car park for this row of shop houses was that it's packed and limited in spaces. But going there at 9pm and even tho it was relatively packed at all the makan places in those shop houses, parking was easy and there are even plenty of spaces around. Let just say parking will no longer be a deterring factor for coming to this place for food.

Consumed >

Sid Mud Tea .. aka "pantyhose milk tea" or "silk stocking milk tea"

HK Cafe Special Baked ie Baked Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce Pork Chop on one side and Creamy Sauce with Seafood on the other

Golden Fantasy ie Mango with Pomelo sacs

Wasn't my first order as Andrew put swipe his finger across my first mango dessert ... so gave him that desert and order another one ...

Goodies > Let's start with the Tea first!!! Drinking it felt like a stocking was being stuff down my throat : ) No it's not a torture ... it's what I feel the stocking milk tea should feel like ... that dry feeling when the milk is running down the throat ... one of the better HK style milk tea that I had tried in Singapore so far

Then comes the Baked Spaghetti ... I started with the cream sauce which tasted a rather bland and even the seafoods in it (consisting of slices of fish and squid) was just there to be chew at. but when it comes to the tomato sauce and the pork chop .... it was siok siok ... the pork chop was nice n yummy and the sauce taste good on its own and laggi better when mixed with the cream sauce ...

Yuckies > Mango Pomelo dessert ... had always been a disappointing feature for me at all HK cafe ... kinda high on price but low on wow factor.. it's not bad but it just not justifiable at that price. For the best Mango Pomelo desert, it's still that dessert shop beside Lucky Chinatown for me.

Cost > $13.80 for Baked Spagetti, Socking Milk Tea $2.50 & Mango Desert $5.50

Returning (?) > Love to, tried the unfinished Abalone Sauce Dried Scallop HK E-Fu Noodles that my mom ordered and it was so good that I made sure nothing was left on the bowl when I was done with it ... so much more to try : )

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