Saturday, July 12, 2008

Man Made Wonder or something else?

Every time I catch the documentary Man Made Wonder : Okinawa Aquarium on Discovery Channel, I had mixed feeling about it.

When it talks about the Aquarium was built, it always kept me in awe ... how the tanks were built, right up to how the thick glass tank was made, how big the tanks are, how they recreate the environment for the fishes, the design and so on (even till how it will fare against earthquakes)

Heck ... it even got me rather interested in visiting this Aquarium if I am ever at Okinawa.

But then again, watching the three whale sharks in a tank got me thinking ... if I am a whale, I will be wondering "What have I done to deserve this? this life time jail sentence without the chance of parole"

I'm sure if you had watched Finding Nemo, you will know what I am talking about.

Yes, the tank that house the whale shark look huge to us but for a creature so huge, it will be like being trap in your house. Can you imagine, day in day out, living in that small container?

The show keeps lapping on praises on the various makers of this Aquarium and I wonder how would they like it if they are made to stay in the Aquarium that they built for one year ... no wait, ten years ... no wait ... how about rest of their lives? Would they still be so proud of their work?

Animals don't do that to other animals .... and I wonder if it's Man Made Wonder or Man Made Atrocities


your ex-online friend said...

aiyo, u nair go school or what? fish have short attention span la. and they don't feel trapped as long as there's enough space to swim around and get exercise and they don't drown. (yes, fish can drown, in case you really nair go to school! haha)

wah, ur activism really misplaced la. i can imagine you scold your neighbour: "woi! you cruel bastard! your golden dragon suffering! how can you do such a thing?"


richardlimjr said...

when I wrote this post, I knew that there will be some intelligent folks who will shoot a reply here ...

Must be still hurt from my post about the smart person's method of spending more money on Dvd just because he got a thing about USA invasion.

anyway ... a stupid person like me feels that things from the natural world shouldn't be house in a constraint space for money making purpose and viewing ... if really want to see whale shark, then out to sea and either dive with them or follow their trail via boat.

but then again, the arrogance of men is so self serving and expected … specially from those who are smart

Deed said...

hmmm...another person who "din go to school" leaves her comments heh.

Maybe there is some sense of logic in ur friend's agrument......still, I agree with you totally.

What right does human has to "lord" over animals? To take them away from their natural habitat and destroy the eco system in return?

If it is for the benefit of people like me who have yet to learn swimming, well, I will gladly learn the skill... ...