Friday, July 18, 2008

Make Love on the Floor!

Was cooking in the kitchen when Andrew came along and played with a tub of water at the sink (thinking back, I think he is mimicking me cooking instant noodle).

Grandma came along and to watch over him and this little guy asked Grandma for some salt ... which he poured into the tub of water and stir to his heart content, asking for some more salt as he stirred passionately

then Grandma told me while I am pouring my instant noodle water away that she thought Andrew asked her to Somersault (Some More Salt) and she wonder how is she going to do that in that small tub (ya they loved him so much that they will do anything he ask for)

Later on ... Grandma shared with me that recently she heard something truly disturbing from Andrew Mouth ... at this young age, he is forced to memorise and recite some poem (that not the scary bit ... it's coming soon in the next paragraph)

She heard Andrew reciting "Daddy cooking in the kitchen ... blab blab blab ... Make Love on the floor!"

for weeks ! yeah 2 weeks .... she wonder why is Andrew reciting such pornography material ... (no Da Jiu didn't share any private collection with him yet) ... it was until Andrew Mom asked Grandma to help out with Andrew Home Education and passed her the book that contain the poem that Andrew had been reciting and realized it was actually

now dear readers ... can you guess what was Andrew actually saying?

Scroll over here "Meatloaf on the Floor" till here to find out !

: )

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