Monday, July 07, 2008

HP service

after a delay in the morning, I finally got to called HP for my computer problems ... there are a couple of things that irked me

1) after logging in the problem, the technician will take 24 working hours to call me back

2) after when the technician do call me, they will take another 1 to 3 working days before actually coming down to fix my computer

3) even tho I paid for the extended warranty, the phone operator hinted that I might have to bear the extra cost if there are any ....

I don't understand why does it need to take so long for them to get back. Are there a lot of people with faulty HP products or they don't have enough technicians around. Or maybe my free computer is free and although I did pay for that extended warranty, my problem isn't that important to them?

my computer really chose a great time to break down, on the weekend and just right when they close for the day. Then now the 4 working days wait

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