Wednesday, July 09, 2008

HP PC service part 2

The repair man came after my "attempt" to complain with the call center supervisor that it took so bloody long for the technician to call me back after I log in my Pc problem ... and rather quickly as I was told that I might had to wait for another few more working days

anyway, he came, changed my motherboard and guess what ... my PC still refused to power up. He then took out his hp and spoke to someone to arrange another visit. It turned out it wasn't the motherboard problem and was the power supply that's faulty.

He claimed that the call operator only arranged for him to draw out motherboard to fix my problem and he wasn't able to draw out other parts even though he is well versed with the other two possible problems that my PC might be suffering from.

I told him to feedback to the call side and his explanation was that it was different company so he can't do that. But it doesn't make a lot of sense right? If the call center keep making such wrong diagnosis and do not allowed the technician to bring all the possible parts, it's like sending the technician to get a scolding from the customers when thing don't get fix like today.

I guess he run out of answers and I didn't want to attack him anymore as eventually, I still need him or his colleagues to fix my computer.

But it's so inefficient that I just got to rant about it.

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