Monday, June 02, 2008

Tactics for Chess ??

Was out with Terence and his gf for dinner and Terence GF was studying 3 letter words for Scrabble competition tomorrow while I munch on my Cheese melt foldover ... with a mouthful of minced cheese and chicken bits, I told her about playing scrabble on Facebook .... how you can "cheat" against your opponent (will not go in details here as many of my victims read my blog)

then I recount to them how I stopped playing Scrabble online for the longest time and I am currently hooked on chess online at viwawa. Even tho it was playing with young punks, I still managed to get trashed (cos there are times when I am distracted by incoming messages and what's going on on tv and so on the excuses will never stop)

Terence then mention that there are grandmaster software around ... it will be akin to playing against with those #1 chess master ... putting one and one together, it became clear how I can have my revenge on those arrogant young punks that beat me

Using those grandmaster program, I will make the same moves against the computer as my opponent does at viwawa, then I will copy the moves that the computer come out with and use it against the online opponent ...hehehe they will never know what hit them


Stefan S said...

and it'll boil down to who has the better software, and not the brains :P

richardlimjr said...

haha ya but the best part is ... I havent found that software !!!