Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spot the odd one out

while going thru my own blog .... I saw the group picture at the bottom of my blog ... looking thru it make me realize something ! it's like that seasme street game where viewers got to pick one (among 4 pax) out as the different one ... look carefully, only one is different from the rest and can u guess what issit?

the first one with the right answer in the comment box will get a secret gift* from me

* secret gift inspired from Kungfu Panda


Deed said...

Seems like to be you...cos without specs.

Lecter said...

Haha! Looks like deed has gotten it.

But I've got other non-physical odd one outs.

I am the only one who had yet to complete NS when this pic was taken.

I was the only one who was below 25 when this picture was taken. haha.

Only Richard drives at the moment.

Stefan S said...

deed wins, but i'm LOL about the prize

Thor said...

Seems like to be you...cos all are good looking

richardlimjr said...

mighty thor strikes where it hurts again .... tsk tsk

lector ... u read to much to the question liao ... hahaha

deed ... regarding ur prize .... have you watch Kungfu Panda ? ur secret prize is the same as the one the secret in Kungfu Panda ... go check it out ....

hehehe grinning with Stefan

Deed said...

hee hee..Lecter is funny. (i think u are the one in the middle)

Stefan and Richard: some enlightenment? No, yet to watch. Friend, I just finished my exams yest in case u forgot heh. Hmm, now i wonder if it is good heh.

Thor so evil!! Richard is ..well..chubby looking and look at his inner beauty (handsome isn't he?) hee hee.

richardlimjr said...

I think ur comment hurt me more than Thor one .... anyway, exam over for u right ? go catch Kungfu Panda ... it's fun ! and U will know what you won !!!

: )

Deed said...

It is meant as a compliment wo >.<

Chubby = adorable mah.

and say you have nice personality also wrong. Hmm

richardlimjr said...

I am not a teddy bear

Deed said...

i din say that wo =P

but hor, gals like teddy bears so I guess that is a plus point for you, when gals are selecting potentials? ~.^