Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Want to get Sparrow OST

Unlike my OST siao friends, there are very few films OST that I truly want to get ... but as OST goes, they are often limited in numbers and once the movies that they represent expires from the promotion period, they too disappears from the shelves ... specially the good ones (the two OST that I want which is listed on the left side ... scroll down and you will see)

Anyway, watching Sparrow, I knew it's one OST that I want to get ... jazzy with a blend of Chinese music instruments that invokes the feeling of falling in love with a Bohemian ness to it

you can check out the tracks @ myspace


Kenji said...


[color=purple][color=pink][pre]"Highly atmospheric orchestration
-- lush, jazz tinged with hints of the East --
harks back to some of the best score of the 60s with
the influences of Morricone, Mancini and Legrand much in evidence"[/pre][/color][/color]
1 Opening
2 Pickpockets (Theme from Sparrow)
3 Smoking in a Coupé
4 Simon's Ride
5 Gimme a Lift
6 Vertigo - The Ambush
7 Pickpockets in Disguise
8 Sparrows
9 Mister Fu
10 Alone at Night
11 Smoking in a Coupé - alt. version
12 Ballet of the Umbrellas
13 The Bay
14 Fishes in a Lift
15 Friends after All
16 End Theme
17 Pickpockets (Reprise) [/color]

[color=pink](Ripped @ 320 Kbps)[/color]

[color=purple]Enjoy! ;)[/color]

richardlimjr said...

Thanks .. but I managed to get it from HK : )

Anonymous said...

Nice...thanks a lot man, this soundtrack is so floaty.