Friday, June 06, 2008

Message from Outer Space

back during the uniform school days ... I can't remember when (yeah it's that old) but it was during those early morning 3am 4am when one of our local radio played this song ....

I thought it was rather unique and rather groovy hearing it at that time. But like many other good songs that you overheard on the radio, it's often without a title and I spend many many years looking for this song ... even wrote to a local DJ who wasn't able to provide me with the right answer.

anyway, last night, I had the sudden inspiration to find this song on youtube ... using keywords from the song but came out empty ... somehow I got directed to Yahoo Answer and although I thought it's not likely that anyone will be able to answer me (since our local DJ wasn't able to ), I Just gave it a shot and wrote what I remember about the song ... about how spacy techno it was, how it sounded like a woman missing her man, leaving a message to be transmitted to outer space and how the song got interrupted with a breakdown in transmission

and wah la ! the very next day, I got a reply and with the answer, I did a search on youtube and finally .... finally found the song that I been looking for all these years ... yup it's


The Original Version

What awful music video ... I might not had miss and want to find this song so much if I saw this mtv when I first heard this song .... listen to it without watching the mtv and you might understand why I like it so much

the German Remix Version

Look like what I had imagine when I first heard the song but darn the remix ... it just sound awful

the 07 version

The RAH Band actually remixed this song for a more updated feel ... but personally, I think it was just as bad as the German remix version ... the original still the best

best listened to during the 2 to 5 am period with the lights down and imagine you are listening to a message that being send to someone far far away ... in space

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