Monday, June 16, 2008

Breadtalk's Rise and Shine

The only good thing that came up from waking up early for the ungodly hour preview of the horrible The Missing was discovering Breadtalk's Rise and Shine. I was so hungry after the morning preview as I forgotten to bring my biscuit along cos I was slightly late and was rushing like mad ....

At Plaza Sin Breadtalk, the first bread that caught my eyes was this bread ... thick slice of bread with baccon, cheese and half cooked egg on top. Seems like an ideal breakfast type of bread so I got one and it's all so gooooood

First the bread is crusty munchy and the cheese / baccon (or is it ham?) really make it yummy. But the best part is the egg yolk .... bite onto it and the egg yolk flows all over the bread (pending how you hold it) like an orgasm flooding the plains ... yeah it's that good

Eversince that discovery, I been trying my luck in the morning whenever I pass by Breadtalk. But it seems that not all outlets got it. I was at Tampines and after the hustle of gettting a carpark lot, it turned out that there isn't any Rise and Shine (name of the breaad) sold there. So far, PS is the only outlet for my morning cravings.

Another not so good aspect of this bread is the way they put it in a plastic bag (like what they do to all their breads). The plastic cover tend to stick to the york n white and either breaking it (like the picture before) or spread them away from the bread. After a few times, I told the staff to pull the plastic away from the york before placing the bread in and hey it works ... need a bit of careful handing but it's all worth it !

Go Check if your nearby breadtalk got or not .. if dont have ... ask for it : ) let it be a perm feature like the floss bun !!! hehehe

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