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My Current Top 10 Movies of 2008

As they were theatrically released in Singapore : )

I know it's early but back on the last day of 2007, when I was supposed to list my top ten movies and do a mini write up for MX, I didn't get to finish it due to poor time management or my laziness to write a mini essay on why it's my top ten.

In order not to repeat the same mistake and let my dear Editor down again(who incidentally, does not post his own top ten up) this year, I planned to do it as soon as I gotten ten movies that I feel are good enough to get a four stars rating and above. As this year proceed on, I might encounter some other better flicks and will then choose to knock some off from the list (of cos subject to my whimsical ratings)

So Here You Go ... My Current Top Ten Movies of 2008 ... rank according to their release dates in SG as they all out 4 stars rating from me

식객 (Le Grand Chief)

This movie demonstrate Beauty in Simplicity and the ability to contain so many subplots that are both meaningful and constructive to the main storyline. Bunch of lovable cast from the lead hero to villain, to the babe and the various supporting roles made it more endearing to follow and root for the change of events that unfold.

Technically, I didn't bothered to watch this in the cinema and only managed to catch this on Dvd recently. Afterwhich, I been kicking myself for missing out on this movie tour in Singapore and the Special Limited Bamboo Set that had sold out in most online retail shops.

3:10 to Yuma

Love the unlawful arena in the commencement of civilisation and laws in the old USA. In this dusty setting, we got 2 wonderful actors representing the upright goodness of mankind and tempting evil of sins. During the exciting and morale dilemma of these two leads, we get to see that goodness comes with his own secret burden and the bad guy .... well just don't believe what the rumours and lawman says about him. Wonderful entry to a dying genre of movies.

The Mist

For giving those Christians fanatics the finger! Just kidding although I Know that it had offended many of those Christians that some even gave it a biased review.

For me, I find that It's not what's in the Mist that scary ... it's how people react to the unknown that's truly scary. A wonderful example how people could be manipulated in times of uncertainly and how religion could be twisted in guise of human's corrupted intention. The Mist has great drama tension and suspense all over it. One of the greatest adaptation of Stephen King's work by Frank Darabont. Highly Recommended!

Le Scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)

In the same vein as The Sea Inside, a moving peek into the life of a person who is locked in his own body. The agony, the helplessness and the warmth of those caring family & friends around are all heartfelt here. An inspiring tale to both those able bodies and disabled to make the best out of life.


For making Unwed Teenage pregnancy look n feel so cool! Juno got the best ensemble of memorable quirky characters since Little Miss Sunshine and the subtle teenage romance arc in this movie was a few notches better than other Hollywood Romance movies that I had seen recently.

Touching, Funny, Charming and utterly Honest. One of the best that I seen in 2008

두 얼굴의 여친 (2 Faces of My Girlfriend)

Although this movie does suspiciously feel like a My Sassy Girl ripoff remake copy inspired plot, I was first won over the comedic elements and then conquered by the subtle take on romance. The beautiful underlying message here is that in romance, it could be just a split personality that is involved and when the love ends, it akin to the end of that dimension in us. Once love has been lost, it will never find it's way back. Could be a bit cheem but in many ways, it just hit the nail on it's head.

ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:序 Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

Few reasons why this remake movie version is better than the original Evangelion anime series. 1 - Re-editing was magical, making it more streamline and to the point. 2 - the re animated Picture look more impressively vibrant and 3 - this story need to be seen and heard in a big screen format with good sound system. Can't wait for the other 3 sequels that going to retell this complex popular anime tale in whole (and hopefully less confusing manner)


One of my favourite movie this year that gotten a lot of negative vibes from others. I liked it because although it's formulaic, it was able to demonstrate a lot of heart in this movie and show some love for the old basketball. It could also be that I just seen another Basketball movie by a Singaporean, shot in China and hated it so much that any decent movie about Basketball will easily swept me away. Might be a moot point and I would like to watch this again to see if there still that much love for it ... or it might be the first flick to be on the chopping board for the top ten category.

三國之見龍卸甲(Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon)

Another flick that I been told was overrated. As again, I am aware of it's weakness (that is too choppy and fast forwarded first half) but the overwhelming points that I like about this flick made me decide to give it a 4 stars. Partly I been playing chess when I saw this film and I appreciated the sacrificial strategy that this movie is trying to show. It also ponder on whether are we really the master of our own destiny or just pawns in other people's plan. Andy Lau also provided the regal feel to the Zhao Zhilong character in midst of the messy editing and storytelling. Lastly, as a war movie, it shows just how absurd war could be, something we could relate to in this modern age of ours.

Run Fat Boy Run

Personally a film that I been waiting for (for months) and with a plot that I was able to relate to. A fat boy who lost his love through his own devices, tried to run the marathon in a desperate bid to win his love back. Of course this film is packed with the same old routine for this genre of film (the underdogs genre) and comes a feel good fairy tale ending (which the cynic in me was screaming "ya right") but then again, it was able to swept me away in the midst of laughing and feel good factors. Plus it was successful in bringing out the "long feeling" of the marathon during the segment of the movie that made it even easier to root for that much needed chirpy ending.

There are actually two other films that were quite good but never gotten the chance for theatrical release in Singapore yet so won't be listing them down.

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