Sunday, March 09, 2008

the joyful lost

Made a bet with my Aunt n Cousin on the 7th Feb 08 that in one month time, I will be able to lose 1KG ... I was as heavy as 91.7kg

Weighting in today at my Aunt's super sensitive digital weighting machine ... The result of my one month effort is .... Drum roll pls ..... 87.3KG ... marking a lost of 4.4KG .... Just shy of 0.6KG

Lost the bet but this is one lost that I am happy about : )

It's quite a far fetch goal for me but as a tip from those weight lost program, setting such a goal is rather effective ... I swim + jog and avoided fried food + soft drinks more regularly than before. Not that I can't bear to lose the money but there is a tangible goal for me to work for and that helped me to stay "more or less" focus at doing the right thing ...

Could I have closed that 0.6kg gap? I could have as there were moments when I cheated with the wrong food and gaps of 2 - 4 days rest days without exercises

The problem now is that ... How am I going to lose more KGs? hmmm the bet is off already and without goal, I might not be that hardworking ... and there the Perth Holiday/Friend Wedding coming up soon ....

hmmm anyone wanna bet another month of weight lost with me ? 5kg, 5 bucks from now till 10th Apr

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