Tuesday, January 08, 2008

who am i waiting for ?

was talking to my friend about this pretty girl I met today who knew my name before I could intro myself to her ...

and this friend of mine told my other friend who buzz me and ask me to khau her ... if she is single, don't wait and regret later in life

then I told him (that the other friend) that I am waiting for the last customer who will not leave my cafe and spend time talking to me about my unsold blueberry pies.

isn't it great if we are living in Wong Kar Wai's world?


Stefan S said...

akcheli i am living in my own WKW world
and it's not all that fun lol

richardlimjr said...

: ) hehe u need a bit of music, editing, colour contrast and angle ... everything will be a lot more fun lor : )