Friday, January 11, 2008

another wedding montage done : )

Another friend of mine asked me to do a wedding montage for him ... well it's not meant for the wedding guests to see and it's just for private consumation (aka that is the bride n groom in their hotel room)

Still the challenge was there and after one unexpected shutdown, I am pretty glad it was done. During the video making, somehow I felt that this video will be able to influence people to get married asap. I was kinda worried that the friend who ordered this video clip might not like it.

But after showing it to my friends .... I was quite surprise to hear the outcome ....

Firstly, a friend of mine mention that the video makes her want to get married asap. and then follow up with the requester saying it was good ... Phew ... :) I can sleep liao tonight

here the video ... see if u can spot any mistakes ...

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