Sunday, December 23, 2007

the start of my home theatre dreams

I am officially fueled to get my own projector cum home theatre speaker system !

It's always been a thought that I been harbouring ... but tonight is the night that I am pretty sure what I want to get for my eventual home theatre system ....

Loki came over with his fren's speaker to test with my Dvd player cum Amplifier system with speakers so see if everything working fine ... let just say it went great!

Although it's not the top end speaker/amp system ... it still sound bloody cool to me ... and even tho it was not equipped with a subwoofer ... the bass that this two long speakers generated was quite awesome ... specially when I pop the THX test system (which was found in my Cheap T2 Dvd), the cross feed test brought a smile on my face twice !! hearing how the sound run around from left to right and behind me ... getting louder (but not piercing loud) until the window panels started to vibrate : ) ... it already felt like a mini theatre to me liao !

then come the projector !

I tell u ... movies are meant to be watched big big !!! although my room tv is considered by most to be rather big ... it's still not siok enough to watch movie in !!!

watching a movie projected on to my room wall was a defining moment on my choice of visual equipment in the future ... it's no brainer, unless I can get a plasma tv as wide as my wall ... it's going to be a projector !

We went on to test a few movies ... choosing scenes that would really perform the speakers and visuals ... scenes like the classic Forrest Gump war scene, the lobby shoot out in Matrix, the Contact's ball drop (even the openning sequence was amazing becos of the sound coming from all direction) and plenty more .... needless to say, it was a blast for me

Loki left the projector at my place so I could bring all the equipment to the Christmas Chalet and I couldn't wait to show my folks "the home theatre" in my room.

When my mom saw the set up and Terminator 2 playing at my room door, the first thing she said was "Buy it"!

That caught me off guard as I wasn't expecting that and I was in fact preparing to show her more of what the setup could do ... she not even standing at the right area to even start appreciating it.

Then she ask ... how much it cost and keep repeating the line "Buy it"

I was quite touched and about to tell her how much it might cost when she said this

"I am sure Andrew will like it"


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