Monday, December 31, 2007

PASTA de WARAKU @ The Central

What a way to end the year ... super duper nice dinner at one of my favourite pasta joint in Singapore ... yup ... Pasta de Waraku. If I ever have to order the last meal, the Scallop and Prawn Pizza will be it ... the taste of Scallop melting in my mouth with the thin crisp pizza base ... yum

However, I also made the mistake of ordering too much ... specially the Oyster and Baccon Carbonara Pasta ... think it gave me stomach upset later on and I gotto wait till the food goes down then I can function properly.

Consumed >
Scallop and Prawn Pasta

Salmon with Cheese

Oyster and Baccon Carbonara Pasta

Goodies >

Yuckies > Had to wait for a while ... heng there were a lot of people that queue "in front" giving up. Oyster and Creamy White sauce pasta didnt go well for me ... don't think I will order that again

Cost > Expensive ... 15 bucks ++ for the pasta, 12 bucks ++ for pizza and 8 bucks ++ for the Salmon w Cheese

Returning (?) > for the Scallop/Prawn Pizza ... definately

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nutty elf said...

Eh you ordered a lot of food! Pizza + Pasta?! I also had the Oyster & Bacon Carbonara Pasta the last time I was there, but all was fine lol.

Anyway, you didn't have dessert? I thought that was the best part :P

richardlimjr said...

no la. ... i realized it was me ... i didnt like the combo of Oyster cum Carbonara ...

didnt ordered anymore becos too full liao ... i would to order cos it was rather tempting ....

anyway i think will be back there by end of the month or early next month