Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My ??? Online DVD purchases : Third's First Batch + 1 from the Second Batch of DDD shipped

Checking my Email this evening, I was rather happy to see two emails from DDD !!! Cos it might be that the third package been shipped too !!!

The first Email I read was for CUBE (SIGNATURE SERIES)... it's my Dvd from the Second Batch ... was a bit sian about it but there's still the second email from them and like a poker player, I slowly reveal the content of the second email and it turn out to be .........

The third batch !!! hehehe well not all of them but at least more of the dvds are seeing a glimspe of hope that they might just reach before XMas and this Santa Claws can give out more jolly (but not FREE) PREZ to the good old kids...

the dvds that made it to the latest shipping are >>> SIXTH SENSE , BILLY ELLIOT , PATCH ADAMS (UE), 2 X CHILDREN OF MEN (WS), AMERICAN BEAUTY, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME , THE AVIATOR (WS) ... see if you can find any of yours in it ?? I only Got Patch and 3 more on backorder

ETA : from 19 Dec 07 to 2 Jan 08

Currently ... my Dvds that been shipped (marked with a Red Tick)

and here's my fren's list of dvds that been shippped (marked with a Red Tick)

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