Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My HK DVD Bounty & Final Destination for Leaving Las Vegas

My Hong Kong Bounty Days were filled with high expectation and it came crashing down ... I felt bad because I knew I troubled Linus in getting those disc but due to my weird choice and selection process ... it will be hard for me to settle down with what I gotten .... yeah call me ungrateful ... I know I am but I just hope he will forgive me for the rantings to come below ... anyway after writing it, I felt that it was my fault and I just drag him along, wasted his time in Hong Kong to look for dvds for me ... something which I think I shouldn't do anymore ...

Slap me if you hear me asking people to get overseas dvds for me

One of the most anticipate dvd and sadly it don't play well on my dvd player !!! it works well on my cpu and the cheap dvd player outside but it just refuse to play where it matters the most ... argh!

My first reaction was that it wasn't the cover that I was anticipating for ... I was expecting the second cover to be in Golden lettering and surprising that Linus got me the one with white one ... Doing a check online and I realized that I should have printed the list for him in colour as the cover for the 1 disc version and 2 disc version are awful similar with only difference in colour scheme ... plus the price range I gave him was for the 1 disc version and on the back of the disc cover indicate a 2 ... not sure what it meant and I dare not open it ... double urgh

Surprisingly the least anticipated Dvds gave me the least problem and played well on all my players ....
The first movie was ok but the second one turn out to be a FULL SCREEN!!! arhhhhhhhhhhhh I almost cry out ... I made a stupid mistake cos I felt that it was a better looking cover compared to another version that out there for the second movie but I forgot to check what screen format was it in ... kill me pls !!!

and my Leaving Las Vegas finally can settle come at it's final destination after all the hooha ... must thank Uncle Linus next time you meet him hor

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