Sunday, July 22, 2007

the last hurrah

Hasd another Mahjong session at Chew Cher's place but strangely, even tho I was still feeling the high from the last late night mahjong session, I got a "bad" feeling about this session.

and I was right abt my hunch as I faced a long drought of losing streaks and it was so bad that I run out of almost all my chips ...

How unlucky was I ? Whenever I just got ready and waiting for the winning tile, some other player would come n game that round ... it was really disheartening and there are also the usual "what ever i discard, the same or the companion tile will come to me" scenario but I didn't want my "bad luck" to deter me

by the last round, I felt that since there's hardly any chance of me gaming even if I get good tiles, I shall use this game to practice my "skill". Instead of rearranging the tiles when I draw them, I left them in the manner that I draw them so I can practice my mind in remembering the tiles sequences. It's not easy and in order to do that, I need to concentrate and that means shutting up.

Wahla !!! my fortune took a 180 degree change and my winning streak started right at the final round's last game ... since I was the last player and as I kept winning, there was no way to finish the game ... until finally my luck ran out and Chew Cher won it

Amazingly, I recovered all my previous loss and even won $1.20 from this session ... Phew ...

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