Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to stop Andrew from Misbehaving

Was stuck with Andrew in a tin car and he was throwing a tantrum ... kicking and punching his grandpa ... normally I don't want to get involved with his education but I couldn't take it anymore ....

It was raining outside and I got no idea how long more do I have to put up the the noise pollution.

With a stroke of "genius - ism " , I took out my Hp cum camera and attempted to video his behaviour ....

and wah la !

the misbehaving stopped immediately ... this little bugger is smart enough to know that the video will be used against him and it's better not to have such incriminating evidence available in the hands of one who has no qualm in using it (even during his 21st birthday)

sometime dealing with a smart kid like him requires dirty underhanded tricks .... those who are dealing with kids like this ... u might want to use this idea : ) this post serve not much purpose except to pat my own back : )

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