Thursday, July 05, 2007

From Paprika to Solaris


Just caught Paprika last night and it was fantastic ... I could sum this movie with one line but Loki said he might used that one liner on his review so I will wait and see before posting what I thought of the film ... Part of the reason that I dig this movie was because of the soundtrack , midway thru the movie , I was already planning how to get this CD ...

It Has this Very Big Circus ambient with very maddening pulsating beats to it ... It's like a crazy dream that you want to see what will happen next and probably don't want to wake up from. It also contain very energetic tracks that either would make excellent jogging companion or would make a very good doomsday marching song.

Fave Track: Lounge , Yoki ,Cicus he Youkoso & Parade


Next up, Solaris ... Someone asked why did I get this ultra boring dvd in the first place (he managed to guess one of the few reasons that why I gotten this rather unpopular movie) ... My Defense was that it's a movie that you have to let it washed over you and it will be easier to not look for a reason but just follow the feeling for this one ... And to aid that, it got a soothing yet mesmerising soundtrack ...

(sidetrack: the CD now cost abt US$38 dollars and that for a second hand CD! A new one would be tagged at US $40 bucks and above !! the Dvd only cost less than US$10 bucks .... yeah it's that good but it's also very hard to find nowadays (yes yes another treasure for me to hunt))

It has that awakening feel to it ... it conveys the morning after feeling when everything is over but the thoughts still linger ... like it's film, with a peaceful heart, you can find yourself floating in a spacey environment with lots of electronic pulses

Fave Track: NIL (it's how the whole album sweep you off into another panel of thoughts and weightlessness)

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