Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Finally Tio MDA part 4 : The Saga continues

from previous installments, my Leaving Las Vegas got Banned and not allowed entry to Singapore so gotto get it Re- Export out of Singapore since I'm not willing to let them destroy my Disc ....

and the lucky person who is doing it will be my "younger brother" who happen to go on one of his "Jurong Trip" soon.

Beside risking being detained ... he is also (might be) getting more Hong Kong Dvd (drugs) for me .... drool

Actually I had plans to fake the disc that going to export but wrong information was feed to me and instead for getting the disc back ... it was sealed with MDA envelope which made it a bit harder to take the disc out(harder but not exactly impossible) ... anyway, decided not to play punk with the law for my younger brother sake so guai guai (obediently) listen to the authority

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