Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Xiong Di again ?

My Mate from Perth just asked me ... to be one of his Groomsmen (aka Xiong DI ???)

Was quite honoured about it ... cos the other two Groomsmen would be his brother and another his best friend in Perth ...

I believe there won't be sabotage like the local wedding (plus the bride's family doesn't seem to be too Chinese anymore "groom to be's exact words") and the duties included should be photo shoot and etc

My Mate also let me in that the girl I had a crush on before I left Perth for "Good" will be one of the bridesmaid !!! hahaha what luck ! finally bridesmaids that are not attached or married like my previous experience in this type of "suffering"

and he is going to provide me with the suit attire !!! hehehe another notch above the previous two wedding !! the minus bit was that it will be on rental ... tsk tsk tsk cant bring it back like the bridesmaid ... and i gotto go early to try the suit out (not that I mind about that as I was planning to go there early to do some Perth activities)

the best bit of our conversation was when he revealed that it was his wife to be's idea to ask me to be his groomsmen ... kinda touch cos I only met her a couple of times in Perth : )

yeah so mark your calender ... I won't be in town on the first week of April next year

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