Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Sixth Online DVD purchases

It's almost 2 years ago since the last time I had a go at the DeepDiscount 20% sale and after holding back for so long, I think I almost burst my bank for this one ... the order this time as follow ...

got a couple of dvds are for my frens and the rest are mine ... didn't want to buy so many but because of shipping, in order to spread the cost, I gotten a few cheaper titles ... See any titles u like up there? hmmm can borrow from me if the one u want to borrow belongs to me

and now Deep Discount merged their CD dept together with the Dvd dept ... I gotten a few to show my "support" ...

the best deal was the Tenacious D Pick of Destiny Deluxe Package which cost abt 50 bucks here ... there a mega sale for it and it work out about $21 sin dollars (exclude shipping)

hmmm Tenacious D n Save the Last Dance 2 being back ordered when I made the order ... hope it won't be delay too long or canceled !

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