Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Seventh Online DVD purchases : Almost too Darn Early !!!

I wasn't expecting it but when I heard the door bell ... I got a feeling that it was here ... the one that I been seeking for is finally here!

it's been a long search ... ebay was selling 2nd hand at very high price ... I even got one before but the insert inside had one of its corner cut out and I just can't accept it ... sold it off and when to search for that perfect one again !!!

of cos a brand new Almost Famous Bootleg Dvd would be too darn pricey for me to afford until someone at Dvdtalk forum posted the alert that Amazon has it for sale again ... yeah brand new and at a price that will put most ebay 2nd sale to shame !

but the catch is that the Amazon cancelled orders before only to re list it as available ... (quite a tease isn't it) since there wasn't much harm done, I brought Stefan along and we both purchased the Dvds (to lessen the shipping cost for one to bear) and after weeks of waiting ... it was shipped and was expecting it to reach after 20th July ...

but hey hey hey !!! it's 20th days too early !!!!

when i got the package .. i was thinking it was too small a package to contain 2 Almost Famous Bootleg but after opening it, good things do come in small packages : ) hehehe

The thing is that now my long search is over ... there is this sense of unsatisfaction ... and I can't bear to open it (as in the Tenacious D POD Delux Box Set) ... Sometimes, I find it hard to please myself

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