Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm sure she smiled at me

Was at Maggie Q Die Hard Press Con this morning ... was in charge of the video duties (that was asigned at the very last min) and tired my best to capture as much as I could of this Hollywood Star (which strangely, I don't believe was even a Hong Kong actress at all)

So when the Press Con for the mass media was over ... they were setting up for the one on one interview for the major media and I linger a bit longer, trying to get some more exclusive video of her and then ... our eyes met for a while and she look down and smile like a shy girl ... hehehe that smile of her really melt my heart hehehe , but I think She might be thinking "ohhhhhhh I got another fan swaning over my beauty and can't take his eyes off me, so amusing" (look down and smile)

check our MX Page for the video n more pix

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