Friday, June 15, 2007

Finally TIO MDA part 2

Couldn't wait, I just had to pop by MDA today .... Even tho the person that I spoke to earlier told me to come back tmr cos she isn't sure that she received my package yet ....

Strange right cos I got the letter and it was backdated to the 14 June

Anyway, the trip down wasn't as bad as I was expecting ... I thought I was going to be irritated and might just flare up at them for all the stupid red tapes but surprisingly, my temper was kept in check and I actually enjoyed my trip down

It turned out that the package is here already and I could have fax them a copy to allow them to open the package without my presence (like I will let them happen), helping me save 1 extra trip down to MDA

After opening the package, there are some surprising manner that MDA works ...

First of all, the one that I was expecting the most amount of stickers turn out to exempted from censorship! YUP documentaries are exempted ... meaning I could take Planet Earth back on the day itself ! but in my mind, I was wondering, what if it's a documentary on sex or the dirt on censorships? will it get exempted too ??

Then cartoon and animation are exempted too !! but if it's from Japan! It will have to go thru censorship !!! hahaha yeah too much hentai anime floating around so spoil market ! tsk tsk tsk double standard huh ... cant America come up with Adult content animation ??

Oh if they dont have it in their database, then gotto open the package to their viewing "pleasure" .... heng dont have to pay them to view or I will vomit blood. Have to wait for at least another 7 working days before they are done viewing ...

CDs are exempted!!! Can take back on the spot ... YUP U can bring in all sort of anti-christ CD or other cds that contain all the F words or have corruption tendency and MDA won't mind : )

If U happen to have a R21 Dvds, they will likely offer to destroy ur Disc for u before letting u know of the other options ! tsk tsk tsk .... U have the option to ship it out via asking Singpost to come collect & export for u ( which u have to pay for !!! see! they work together).

Alternatively You can seek out friend who will be traveling overseas within the next 3 months via plane and ask them to carry it out for U. All you need from them is a copy of their air ticket & passport for collection of the banned disc from MDA, 2 days before ur friend fly off ! YUP only 2 days window!!! They have to hand over a letter to the custom so that the custom ppl can verify that they had brought the disc out and they will fax the info back to MDA . MDA said they won't be disturbed on their way back (i.e body search) but that to wait and see.

Then there's the efficiency issue with MDA. Most of the movies are available for sale in Singapore shops so they actually have their titles on their database and they could easily check n sell me those awful stickers so i could get on with my life ... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I must come back another day to collect the discs ... it's like they die die must make u collect another day !!! argh! bloody rigid

Lastly, it's one sticker per movie and not per disc so ... not too ex .. and the sticker cost abt $1.80 so it's still way cheaper compared to the retail stores here.

Overall, it's not that bad ordeal after all ... Will be doing online dvd purchases again but I'll thinking of ways to go around the system ...

at least I get to go home with Planet Earth and The Fountain Cd soundtrack


mei said...

must come back another day to collect the discs ... it's like they die die must make u collect another day !!! argh! bloody rigid

You're pretty unlucky. The last two times I went down in January, I just asked them if it was possible for them to release back to me on the spot after I opened the packages. After checking that all the items were not R21, I paid for the stupid stickers & took all my items home :P

richardlimjr said...

what !!! wah liew !!!

was talking to Stefan yesterday ... our MDA is full of double standard ! eg: they allow French movies in their original soundtrack but not Hong Kong Cantonese Movies in their original soundtrack

also ... I was quite surprise that my Leon, the Professional got clear so quickly .... it's a love story between a old hitman and a underage girl so I wonder what kind of message are they trying to put across ... it's ok for old man to prey on young girl : )