Wednesday, June 13, 2007

destine to be alone ?

Was suppose to preview a hk movie today and tried looking for my usual suspect pals to join me but turn out that most of them caught it in HK during the recent film fest or they are simply not interested in HK movies

and then there's another fren who gotto give a fridge to give to a colleague who is leaving

After repeated rejections ... I finally found this old pal to go with me ... but i keep getting this stinking feeling that I will still end up watching it alone ...

Then it happened ! I was running late and when i rushed out, I took an object that i thought was my phone but halfway to our meeting point, I realize it wasnt the phone!Too late for me to turn back now so I prayed that he will be at the meeting point at the time we fixed

but he wasn't ... i tried waiting for him .. just in case he was late but I couldn't wait anymore or I will miss to much of the movie which i needed to review ... so bo bian had to depart to the cinema ...

I felt so bad for him ... also don't know how to apologise to him

Nowadays, can't live without hp

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