Saturday, April 07, 2007

10KM RUN ??

Was chatting with my old frens abt excersing in general ... told them I been running but getting kinda bored with it since there isn't any goal in sight... one of them suggested taking up Thai Boxing (which I thought was pretty crazy plus $$$ ex) and POO suggested taking part in the 10KM run that hosted by the company below hmmmm that suggestion immdiately sparks me up ... so far, i know i am able to complete at least 2.4km and the longest jog I did was 20mins ... it seems possible (tho quite difficult) to take up this 10KM challenge.

POO will start trainning in 3 weeks time while Me, the out of shape guy should start cracking asap ....

10KM run ... I wonder will I be able to complete it .... POO mention there Cert and medal to win/collect if complete the 10km run ... I love to collect such honours : )

The race will start at the end of the year, 2 Dec 07 ... let the countdown begins

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