Sunday, March 18, 2007

自摸满胡 ( Zi Mo Man Hu)

After blading at East Coast, I decided to pop by to my Aunt's place (which is quite nearby to EC) cos I was told in the morning that there will be a Mahjong session the whole day today. Wanted to give my brain a workout too after "working out" my body today and soul yesterday (the soul bit should be in a previous post which at this point of time, has not been written... but hey reload and scroll down often, it will be up 'eventually')

By the time I finally took over, it was already in the final round and I took over my mom seat again... but before she left, I had to check with her the outstanding amount (amount owing) left by her as previously, she left a big debt for me and I wasn't able to win enough in time to cover the losses and ended paying the outstanding. Was a bit smarter this time round to let her know that she got to cover the outstanding amount that she had stacked up at the end of the game in case I can't win enough in time.

Sat down, "Wash" the tiles and started the game. Right from the start, I got two animals tiles that are a matching pair which means I get to collect money!!! A very GOOD Start: I thought to myself

and while arranging the tiles that I got, I realized I got a very good hand, so good that I was able to finish the game shortly . True enough, tiles that are thrown out are pretty much in my favour and within a short while, I was waiting to game.

Now for those who are "new" to Mahjong, let me explain some simple terms here.

To game, there were 2 ways that I could do it.

One would be that I get the tile that I am waiting from one of the players when he or she throw them out. That would mean the player who throw the tile out, have to pay the full sum, which is 2 times what the other 2 players have to pay me. (The one will curse n swear while the other 2 will be thankful that they are not the lucky one)

The other way would be that I scoop my own winning tile and that's call 自摸 Zi Mo (direct translate to English, it will be Self Touch ... er more of Self Take the Winning Tile) which mean all the 3 players have to pay the full sum (which also will result in many unhappy faces around the table and everyone will bound to curse and swear at the luck bugger / winner ... if not verbally, then it will be mentally)

Of Cos, I did a 自摸 (if not, there won't be a post with such a title right?). The question now is the total damage that I have just inflicted on my dear opponents (the payout that my opponents have to pay me) .... which we will proceed to the 2nd mahjong lesson of this post!

In Mahjong, every game won has a different payout and it depends on how many Tai the winner had collected at the end of the game. Normally, in friendly Mahjong games, we cap it at 5 Tai (in order to not really really hurt your friend's wallet) and the rates are as follow,

1 Tai = 1 cents (half sum) / 2 cents (full sum)
2 Tai = 2 cents / 4 cents
3 Tai = 4 cents / 8 cents
4 Tai = 8 cents / 16 cents
5 Tai = 16 cents / 32 cents

If U win with the maximum number of Tai or more than that, it will be call a 满胡 Man Hu. As again, by reading the title, smart reader like U would have guess that I got a Man Hu! Well actually technically, I got more than 5 Tai, 6 Tai to be exact .

The rates above is just an example ... the rates we played, for a 5 Tai Self Touch, everyone had to pay me $6.40 (work the way back and U will figure out what the starting rates)

I think I upset my Grandma who had been playing the game since noon. A whole day of playing and then encounter A lucky bugger who do a Man Hu right on his very first game! It can get quite irritating specially if that lucky bugger was a tab bit YaYa about his luck ...

anyway the game went on and tho I didn't win all of them, I won enough from the other games to make sure that it cover all my losses and doesn't touch my first winning! There was a close 4 Tai Winning but my Grandma quickly snatch it away from me ... winning it with the tile that I was waiting for .... what can I say? the oldest ginger still the most spicy !

Being the slowest, the other 3 players calculate the final score and I got to take 6 bucks back home from my Grandma ... doing some maths, I should get at least $19.20 from the first game ... my mom was quick to point out that it was my 3rd Aunt that left the deficit so by right, she should be paying me back and not her ... tsk tsk tsk ... I got a feeling my $13.20 will eventually become a bad debt ...

While leaving, my uncle pointed out that Lucky I didn't come earlier ... my Grandma and Mom didn't get why he said that but we (my uncle and I) had a good laugh at that... who knows what will be the final outcome if I was there eariler or played another game ??

In the end, was very happy with the 6 bucks that I won... it covered the cost of my dinner : ) aka Free Dinner !!!

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