Monday, March 19, 2007

Suay Day

it's a suay day

today is Stock day ! lots of stock arrived and the lift to my floor just so happen to be under some sort of maintenance !

and if it's not bad enough ... the Sky decided to add a bit of rain , just to make it more fun ...

and if it't not bad enough ... the hardworking pest people came to flog the place so we won't get dengue but I might just die from the poisonous smoky discharge from their pipe ...

and if it's not enough .... everyone disappeared just when the stock arrived ... meaning , it's going to be a one man show !!!

then at night ... was suppose to go out with fren for supper, drive halfway n got her sms that someone is coming to fix her computer ... so she is undecided ... told her its ok n i can u turn back ... which she decided she want to have supper with me ... and my hp was out of batt ... so i off it .. in order to save some energy to call her when i m there .. guess what .. when i was near her place, it turned out that she changed her mind again n want to cancel !

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