Friday, March 16, 2007

need to get a place of my own

Was out with my friend ... since her internet at home was down and she need to do some work online, I invited her over to my place to use my internet.

She refused as my parents will be there and she felt that it wasn't proper thing to do.

After a while, our conversation shift to her wanting to get a small apartment for herself and I told her that I want move out and get a small apartment for myself

She thought it was rather werid as I am staying with my parents and everything seems fine to her....

to which, I told her that I want to get a place of my own so that people won't be able to give excuse of not coming up to my place becos of my parents

She then said:" It's a good sign, it shows that you got friends who are very good one"

To the point, I can't help but ask her:" ... so are you saying that you are a very good girl la ?

she gave me a blank look and ask:" ... are we talking abt me?"


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