Friday, March 09, 2007

I am with Ah Wang !

^ I am with Ah Wang!

My HK TV series hero ... AH WANG !!! or better known to the rest as Roger Kwok ... Was lucky enough to interview him today after being "appointed*" by Sir Linus (*some might say Arrowed) ... normally nowadays, i don't take pictures with stars anymore but then, i enjoyed his Wang Fu Cheng Long, Ge Shi Zhui Xiong & Mei Li Zai Wang very much so asked for one

Later on ... while waiting for the next star to interview ... I was thinking of a caption for our photo and the Title that I thought of cracked me up ... "I am with Ah Wang" with an arrow pointing to the left ... hehehe (the joke here is that it's another version of "I am with Stupid")

No Disrespect here hor ... I really like his performance as Ah Wang ... just amused with the play of words here!

(of cos .. need to thank Linus for the pic n opportunity!)

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