Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wedding Montage Songs PicK

was asked by my fren who getting married this 14 Jan to give some suggestion on the songs to use for his wedding video montage ...

the first thing came into my mind was Star Wars Imperial March

then I suggest to him The Queen's "I want to break free"

or the end theme of Braveheart where Mel Gibson shouted "Freedommmm"

now .. thinking about it .. I am thinking of adding U2's "I still haven't found what I am Looking For"

: ) will be very surprise if that night I hear the songs that I suggested. Any more songs suggestion to make ?? U know those confirm wont make it into the montage one


Stefan S said...

there was this song by Garbage called "You Look So Fine", reported used by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for their wedding march. While the title sounded nice and I liked the melody... you know what happened to their marriage lol

because at the end of the song, the lyrics went "ending with, letting go, let's pretend, happy end"

how apt :P

so choose carefully ah :D

will post separately on your call for inappropriate wedding marches :P

Stefan S said...

INXS' Elegantly Wasted
Garbage's Special
Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter