Monday, January 08, 2007

Operating in Safe (Mode)

It's been a few days since my PC kong out again. This time there some ACPI problem with my computer's BIOS and some blue screen that prevent my Window 2000 from operating ... after restarting it for a few times ... i finally managed to make my computer work ... only in Safe Mode

Dont know how many ppl actually used that PC for a long time in Safe Mode but that what going to happen to me until 14th Jan 07 (when HP will confirm with me when I can go down to collect my new pc from them. I just hope it's not going to be one or two months later)

Operating in Safe Mode Sux big time... cant see any porn pictures in their normal pixels at all ! there some pictures that my fren took during a recent 21st birthday celebration, which i am dying to see ... sigh

Opening Some websites will automatically result in Error, which closes all the Internet windows that I had opened

Can't view any trailers or video that my fren wanted to send me too ... I feel like I am in the 286 age when there nothing I could do except type and read words only ...

but at least I gotten 4 "reports" done during the downtime! my "boss" will be pleased


Stefan S said...

it's high time to change your PC!!!

Anonymous said...
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