Thursday, January 18, 2007

Goldfish Syndrome

Recently a Malaysian fren asked me on Msn to check out the price of a certain HP in Singapore, being the lazy me .. i asked her to sms me the brand n phone category number.

She asked why can't I write the number down on a piece of paper. I told her that I got Goldfish Syndrome and won't be able to remember to bring the paper along so leaving the number on my hp is a safer bet

She didn’t buy it and questioned me if I am really so forgetfully

Playing along ... I told her: "yeah, that why I am so fat nowadays .. I keep forgetting that I ate already and I keep eating n eating"

: )

oh then I realized something else ! Since I am one with Goldfish Syndrome, I would most likely forget about looking for the phone even if she did sms me : ) hehehe

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