Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Discovery Channel Quote

In life, nothing is certain
If you feel frighten, Don’t

Embrace the uncertainty
Allow it to lead you to places

Don’t waste time with regret
Take each moment as it comes

And if you ever find yourself lost
Simply take a break and start all over again

It's one of the advertising quotes played for Discovery Channel's ads on the top selection of documentaries this year and somehow, it help me answer some of the question that I have for my future and relationship matters.

Yes, it's advertising but it's also a good motto to have in life.


Stefan S said...

many crossroads in life are actually leaps of faith

make your decision, and take that leap without regrets

at least that's my mantra lah

richardlimjr said...

yeah ...

btw ji koon workin at Discovery right ? will he know who wrote that quote ?

mick said...

this is what im lookin' for. . .

this qoute is really inspiring specially for this coming year.


richardlimjr said...

glad to know i am not the only one that's seeking it

Cheers mick !