Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Forever Indebt to 2 slices of White Bread

Was at Genting Highlands recently with my folks, sister and her kid.

Was having the cheapo buffet @ First World Hotel when Andrew, my nephew kept wanting to visit the amusement park below. Basically what he wants, he gets and his mom gotto bring him down so he won't throw a fit.

I had just finish my first plate and my Dad turn over and ask me if I am done with breakfast. I had a urge for white breads with jam n butter but in this cheapo buffet, there's even a queue for white breads at the bread station. So I told my Dad that I still want to get white breads but I will be getting them when the queue is not so long.

After which, I just sat that and look around the huge restaurant and wonder why there so many people swarming around even tho it's not holidays yet and it's a weekday.

Looking around, I was shocked to see my Dad queuing up at the bread station. Deep in my mind, I was wondering if he is getting for me but I thought it shouldn't be as he was seldom so nice to me. Dismissing that thought, I continue my people watching and daydreaming.

When my Dad came back, he actually put a plate of white breads in front of me.

"Here the white breads you wanted, the corners been removed because of the tongs but it's still clean to eat"

and on the side of the bread, there jam and butter! Oh boy I was so touched. I never been close to my Dad before and it was such an unexpected moving experience.

So I spread the jams n butter and start munching on the white breads while feeling so loved.

My Dad left the table again to get other stuff for my Mom. After my Dad's left us, my Mom started telling me "See how much your Dad love you" and so on ... I just nod my head and continue eating ...

After finishing those breads, I continue my people watching in bliss and my Dad returned with my Mom's food. My Dad noticed that I had finished my breads and asked me; "Finish your breads?"

"Yeah" I replied with a smile

"You done already then quick go down to help you Sister look after Andrew la !"

Sigh ... heart break siah !

My Mom and I had a good few minutes laugh at the whole incident .... We all thought that he was being nice to me but his was just concern about his Grandson...

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