Friday, July 07, 2006

Most Number of Unexpected Encounters in one day

Was at Denise's Graduation today at Suntec and I met quite a number of people that I know even tho there was hardly any friends of Denise that I know that were there

First there was this guy that I just sold a couple of Dvds to... was going to collect flowers when he walked pass me ... had a little chat which ended in "What a small world"

then I saw my Uni friend who was actually my secondary school teacher's daughter ... turned out that she was selling some SMU merchandise there for the graduates

when waiting for the event to begin, I saw my poly class mates ... didnt get to speak to him as i was stuck at where i was sitting at and started to wonder by what kind of connection is he there for ? his gf's graduation ? his brother or sister ?

then the last couple of people was really by extended means ... they were my dad's brother's wife 's sister's family who happened to be Denise's Dance Mates back in Secondary School ...

it's a small world after all : )

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