Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fever that just wont go down

Damn ... Doc Medicine Not Working @ All

after one dose of his Med and rest, my temp hit 39.5 Deg ... sigh it went up

but strange, I dont feel hot at all and without the readings from the thermometer, I wont know how hot issit inside my body

keep thinking of that Scene in Fantastic Four where a nurse took the temp of Johnny Storm and she said "Wow you are hot", to which he said "Why Thank You, So are You"

I thought of waiting to 8am when I should take the second dosage and see if that will bring my temp down ... then suddenly I got that tingling sensation in my balls ... I got a werid feeling that they are shutting down due to my body's high temp

Decide not to play play and went for a self imposed Cold Shower

What the Fuck! Even after the shower, my temp is not going down ... siao liao ... took the second dose and pray that I wont wake up as a vegetable man

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Stefan S said...

don't play play with the balls ah!!!