Monday, July 10, 2006

ESP or Subconscious Tingling Pt 2

Was supposed to meet up with a famous director from Malaysia with Stefan this evening but we have to wait for her to finish showing her latest film to the local distributor before we could meet her for a cup of tea.

She was going to show the rough cut at the distributor's place and Stefan asked me, "Where do U think the distributor stayed at ?"

Without thinking much and knowing nuts, I threw him the furthest location that I could think of at that moment (Changi was a close second) and told him Sembawang (thinking of the Sembawang park that overlooks the southern coast of Malaysia)

a few minutes later, Stefan recevied a sms from her

"I will be at Sembawang area"

I decide to horn my ability towards 4D and ToTo Guessing

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Stefan S said...

share with me 4 digits ok?