Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stone Grill

The perks of having overseas friends visiting ! We get to splurge on food ! And since our American Frens suggested, we cant turn them down ... A return trip for them but A first visit to Stone Grill for me ... where the concept is that u cook ur own food : 0

Consumed >

Portobello Mushroom

Wild Stuffed Mushrooms

Prime of the Land

Pear Dessert

Goodies > Rather unique experience for me : )

Yuckies > Smokey ! damn smokey ... it's like walking into an enclosed room with many many mini bbq going at the same time.

Cost > EX ! total cost of meal for 4 pax was abt $150 = (about $40 per pax)

Returning (?) > highly unlikely unless someone treating me

Weblink > Stonegrill

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