Monday, May 29, 2006

sleepwalker lim's dream entry number 1

dreamt that i was back in poly

rushing for a project and we stayed up till early morning ... took a taxi back n along the expressway, the taxi flipped sideways ...

lucky the driver was able to prevent the taxi from flipping for more than once

but i remember holding on the side car handle for my dear life ... thinking "not again"

then we reach a group mate place n was openning the door as quietly as we could .. but my fren's folk suddenly opened the door n started to scold my fren for coming back so late

and we had to explain to his parent that we had to finish a project in school ... after which they lighten up ... and welcome us ... then they mention sometihng about one of my friend who look like a Hong Kong actress ...

at that point , i woke up

why am i blogging this ? i dont know .. maybe becos it was vivid .. or i think it must be damn bored .. or becos i cant sleep now after waking from it and after "reformating" my laptop, i dont have win words software installed and there no way of recording it ... so blogging it will be the only way of keeping record of it ... i dont want to remember that dream anymore and would like to go back to sleep now

~sleepwalker lim~


Stefan S said...

so, which of your friends look like hong kong actress? :P

R said...

hahah it was becos she dont look like any hong kong actress (that i know) that woke me up ... was so amused that i knew i was in a dream

Stefan S said...

who is it? lemme judge :P

richardlimjr said...

I dont remember which HK actress tho ... i ONly remember which fren of mine : )