Sunday, May 28, 2006

are they bored?

is there really nothing to do in Singapore ?

just got a few friend over from the states... a couple of my parents' old friends who drop by every couple of years , visitin old friends and the places they stayed during their younger days

so we started off meeting at the usual popiah makan place (which was the same stop the last time they visited) and after eating lunch, we went to the famous kaya toast shop for kopi (makan again)

the older folks were okie ... their 2 grandkids were afraid that it's going to be makan after makan ... and it looked like that going to be the case

running out of ideas on where to bring them around ... shopping anit that great cos pretty much what we got, they got it ... cheap stuff, u can get it from Thailand , pirated stuff, in JB, KL or even laggi best Penang

sigh it was a day out with them and listenning to what they got to say about the place they were from n the things they do back at their country that made me feel super bored in Singapore ... and maybe years of living in boredom had made me accustom to it that I didn't even realized it ...

must think of something to do ... i am just worried that they might be bored

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