Saturday, April 15, 2006

and the Surprise Screening was ...

Singapore Dreaming!Yup the recent sold out Gala film at Singapore International Film Fest.

We were quite surprise to see Colin Goh and his wife there when we were collecting our tickets. I was wondering if Colin Goh and his wife were like us, taking part in a contest held by UIP and watching the Mystery movie like us (and maybe wishing it was going to be MI3 too)

When Richard Low (the mediacorp artist who starred in I Not Stupid and Singapore Dreaming) appeared with his kaki, we started suspecting that it might be Singapore Dreaming instead and once we received the survey forms prior entering the cinema, Stefan told us it's a confirm case as the survey asked about the knowledge of Singapore Dreaming.

And I have to say that it was uniquely bagus! It was funny, it was depressing real and most important of all, it had characters and situation that most Singaporean could relate or identify with. One of the best Singapore Films I seen so far and easily an entry for my Top Ten films for 2006. Singapore Dreaming comes highly recommended by me! It should be receiving general release this coming August and do give this local film a chance.

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