Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ch5 Oscar Movie Marathon Pt5 The Review

It wasn’t as bad as I expected.

I was expecting backache and a little slugged out by watching movies that I seen before but it didn’t happened. Perhaps the Cathay seats are so ergonomically designed that I didn’t get any backache at all. At the end, I felt that the marathon could be longer, throwing a few more movies in it or I just felt that I haven’t suffered enough!

The Lowdown of the Marathon for me.

Goodie Bag!
Watching the movies of course.
Meal vouchers & the Drinks/popcorn Vouchers
Watch the first 4 movies with Erica Lee seating behind my back (Ix Shen included)
Playing the Q&A questions with the Host Belinda

The Cons:
Not wining any Q&A game
No Luck for the lucky draw
The Lunch was definitely not enough
Second viewing of the 3 movies out of 5
Feed repeatedly the Ch5 Oscar program commercial before the event actually commence

Goodie Bag

The Highlight of the Goodie Bag would have to be DaVinci Code double-sided poster and bookmark.

The Next Coolest item would be a mini yellow CH5 CSI tape, those that are used to cordon off a crime scene. Like the Transamerica Keychain too.

and here some of the questions asked : ) see how many can you answer them !

Brokeback Mountain
1 > What the colour of Jack Twist’s hat when he first met what Ennis De Mar
2 > Who wore the blue shirt and who wore the checked shirt that was in Ennis De Mar cupboard at the end.

1> Which state did the murder occur?
2> Before in Cold Blood, what was Truman Capote’s previous Novel?

Walk the Line
1 > How many time did Johnny Cash propose to June Carter?
2>How many kids did Johnny Cash have in the end of the movie?

1> How many members form the assassination team ?
2> Which year did the Munich Olympic incident happened?

1> Colour of Bree’s mom’s Dog?
2> Name of Bree’s name when she was still a He?

It was an interesting experience and thanks to Ch5 for having us : )You can read more about this event from my partner Loki's account here

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