Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ch5 Oscar Movie Marathon PT 2

folks, for those who are interested in the latest news abt My Shortlist adventure with the CH 5 Oscar Movie Marathon

Till today, I didn't receive any news from them (no email or phone call) and my partner was asking if we were selected, because if not can start making other arrangement (such as catching all the Oscar movies that he has not yet seen)

so Just to confirm that we are not selected, I gave them a call just now and guess what ?

"We Been SELECTED !!!"
* attention my partner in crime

the actual invitation card should be in my post box soon! ~hehehe I been waiting at the wrong places, should wait by the my post box~


cpt john miller said...

Congrats! You are very lucky when it comes to FREE stuff...

richardlimjr said...

owwwww U are making me blush : )hehehe