Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nominated for Channel 5 Oscar Movie Marathon

click on picture above to visit Ch5 webpage on this event!

And the nominees are : Drum roll pls : )

Me ! hehehehe first time that Ch5 pick me for the contest that they are organizing. well fingers crossed and hope I will be selected in the shortlist round to go for the Oscar Marathon!

have already seen 2 out of the 5 movies that will be shown during the marathon and will be watching another one tonight ... sigh that the only reason that make me sian about going for the marathon.

But then I never been to a movie marathon and hey, I might catch something I missed while watching the 2 movies that I seen before. So I am still very excited over the whole event!

Thinking of going in tracksuit and bring along a thermal flask (considering Pillow too!) ! hey who said movie marathon is an easy thing to do ? They called it a marathon becos like any other marathon; you have to suffer work for it!

Wish me luck!


cpt john miller said...

U get to be on tv again...Wear our mx shirt lah...

richardlimjr said...

hahaha I was thinking of wearing something more comfy ... remember the mx tee got too small for me ? (which is my fault : ) not that the mx tee got smaller)