Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was on TV with Fann Wong!

If you think U saw me on TV tonight, shaking Fann Wong's hand, don't need to ponder about it : ) it was me !!! hehehe oh yah look at the picture carefully > Loki is standing behind me!

Was dispatch by Moviexclusive to cover the opening ceremony of Jack's Neo latest film “Just Follow Law” with Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong! It was pretty early for me, still suffering from CNY "fever" and lost my way to the venue of the opening ceremony (had Mental Block of the location and the Old Road directory in my car does not cover the venue) but still the overall event went well : ) wasn’t late and got to chat with Jack Neo and Gurmit Singh some more ...

hehehe tallying the number of celebrity hands shook:
Jackie Chan ~ Checked
Fann Wong ~ Checked
Gurmit Singh ~ Checked
Jack Neo ~ Checked

Check the write up on MX page soon. (should be up by this Friday)


Wei farted out loud@ said...

mediawhore... hehe

richardlimjr said...

haahahah YES I AM ! my aunty actually made my uncle call me up and asked if that me on TV ... then Denise's cousin also asked her the same thing ...

I dont think I can handle the life of celebrity ... it just so spooky and unreal!

Blitz said...

u're 1 lucky fellow :D

richardlimjr said...

i m not a fan la ... but it did feel unreal